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Friday, November 03, 2006


I had such a strange experience yesterday. I was out walking and I saw Betty Bras. I went up to her to see whether she knew anything about my lost beard, and I saw she was wearing it. And not only that, this was all she was wearing. It was draped round her like the hair of Botticelli's Venus, the one who's standing in a seashell that everyone raves about.
Well, what could I do? Perhaps you readers have the answer. I mean I could hardly have asked for the beard back, could I. She'd have been ... well, totally exposed to the elements. But at the same time it didn't seem right that she wore my beard like that, and it must have been terribly ticklish. I was nonplussed. I just didn't know what to do.
In the end I decided to ask her to return the beard in the post when she'd finished with it. But she just laughed at me and said it suited her too well to let me have it back.
Now I'm sitting by my typewriter trying to concentrate on The Early Development of the Phoenician Alphabet. But all the time this beard-borrowing Botticelli babe comes floating through the mist and hovers in front of the keys. I think I'll drink some cocoa and have an early night. Then maybe she'll go away. La di DA!


At 10:04 AM, Anonymous Lin Moo Snah M.D.Korea said...

Dear Prof. Periwinkle
Giggling Lee, my wife heard about you beardless face. She is eagerly longing to look at you with her nipple-eye and being photographed together with you and "MannekePis" by Betty (wrapped in the beard self-evident). When published you could grow world-famous and wealthy.
So,you'll know: every disadvantage has his advantage. Being beardless is not so bad then.
Please, invite Lee and you will never regret. And please don't kiss her when meeting, a little nosing could be appropriate.

At 11:07 PM, Blogger Professor Periwinkle said...

Dear Lin Moo Snah,

I am so happy that your wife wants to be photographed in front of Brussels' greatest monument. She must be a very cultural lady.
Nosing is now universally preferred to kissing (it used to be limited to eskimoes and dogs) as a way of expressing affection without risking too much contagion, especially at a time of year when people can very easily catch nasty colds from each other. I am sure that Betty and I will be very happy to follow your recommendations.
Best wishes,
Professor P


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