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Sunday, November 12, 2006


Dear people, today Betty presents rule 9 for becoming famous

I've started to suspect that that Professor Periwinkle isn't completely normal. Just yesterday I ran into him in the street. I was on my way to a very professional business meeting, and wore a very nice cream coloured business suit, and he looked at me as if he saw someone running naked in the street. So I stood still to say hello and he just stared at me. Then he pointed (!) and produced some very peculiar sounds. Like ooh, and the vikings, and ah and Asterix and no no, women in boats etc.
At first I thought he pointed at his beard, that was wrapped around my neck. But then he seemed to change his mind. He mumbled something about Venetian Art and a guy named after an Italian Pasta (Vermicelli or something) and than he ran off. That silly man. I wanted to offer him his beard, but then he pretended that he wanted to have it back, only by post. Well hello! I am a professional, not a Postorder Company.

Dear people, if you want to become famous then please follow my ninth rule: never stare at professionals. It's just not professional.

If you have any peculiar idea in mind, about someone walking in the street, and you cannot suppress the need to say something weird, then just add that you're a casting director looking for a protagonist for your next film. Or, that you want to start a church quire for dogs.




At 3:44 PM, Anonymous Venus Pasta-seashelf said...

Dear Betty.
Noticing the confusion of Prof. Periwinkle, when he met you, rule number 9,5 could be:
"To keep your air, do'nt loose your hair"

Look at me.


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